“Project dedication and passion for our practice”



At BPP, our team is passionate about what we do; our project dedication and passion for our practice is what sets us apart.

Each member brings their own set of skills and expertise to ensure that we can cater for a wide range of projects.

Employing licensed Chartered Engineers, Low Carbon Energy Assessors and licensed BREEAM Assessors, we actively work with local universities and schools through lectures, placements and educational course sponsorship – encouraging the next generation into this growing vocation.



Alan Geddis


Director (BPP Ltd.)

Alan joined Caldwell in 1996 as a Mechanical Engineer becoming an Associate in 2003 and Associate Director in 2010. His passion and interest in energy conservation and sustainability led to starting BPP in 2016.

From the early 2000’s Alan has been a sustainability focused engineer as a Chartered Engineer and CIBSE Member also holding accredited CIBSE low carbon energy consultant and CIBSE Level 5 low carbon energy assessor status. These are complimented with New Construction Domestic Energy Assessor status registered with Elmhurst.

He has established a progressive platform in the tools of dynamic simulation, visualisation and the prediction of building performance. Wider sustainability issues are also important, and Alan has been involved with the BRE from the mid 2000’s when he registered as a BREEAM Assessor quickly expanding this to include being a BRE Academy member, BREEAM AP, Home Quality Mark (HQM) Assessor, as well as Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM International Assessor.

His considerable experience ranging from initial liaison with clients to delivery of cost effective and innovative projects of all sizes. Alan’s focus within the company is to promote innovative and sustainable solutions working with the whole design team.


Contact Alan:

M| 077 3326 2778

E| alangeddis@bpp.energy


Amanda Dalzell-Sheppard

BRE Licensed BREEAM Assessor

Associate (BPP Ltd.)

Amanda joined Caldwell in 1999 and gained vast experience in client liaison. Transitioning to BPP in 2016 as a BREEAM Assessor, she was appointed as Associate in 2018.

 Amanda is a registered BREEAM Assessor and BRE Academy member, qualifying in 2011. She can submit assessments under New Construction 2008, 2011, 2014 & 2018, as well as Non-Domestic & Domestic Refurbishment schemes covering hotels, offices, apartments, schools, and student accommodations.

She was also the first person in Northern Ireland to gain qualification in BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme.

Projects that Amanda has worked on throughout the UK and Ireland have achieved BREEAM ratings of ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’. She has a strong background in liaising with clients and providing consultancy advice for various projects in sustainability approach methods under BREEAM.

Contact Amanda:

M| 074 3628 4053

E| amandads@bpp.energy



Patrick Swain


Building Simulations Engineer

Patrick has over 20 years practical experience within the construction and built environment industry. He joined the Caldwell Group in December 2013 and transitioned to BPP in April 2016 as a Building Simulations Engineer, gaining his MSc in Renewable Energy Enterprise & Management from Ulster University in 2018.

 Patrick has extensive working knowledge of the IESVE software and enjoys playing a pivotal role within BPP. He has experience across a wide range of sectors including; office, hotel, and student accommodation for both UK & Ireland. 

 Qualifying as a Low Carbon Energy Assessor in 2018, Patrick can carry out Levels 3, 4, and 5 DSM. He enjoys taking a ‘hands-on’ approach to his projects and is always keen to advise on the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Notable projects include: The 5* Cadogan Hotel in London, a 9-storey 575-bedroom student accommodation in Newcastle, as well as a 265 bedroom 4* hotel and business centre in Newcastle.  

Contact Patrick:

M| 079 3057 5275

E| patrickswain@bpp.energy


Alison Shearer

BSc (Hons)

Visualisation Specialist

Alison attended Liverpool John Moores University, studying Computer Animation & Visualisation, she graduated in 2015. Previously working seasonally within the Caldwell Group, she joined BPP in April 2017.  

She plays a vital role constructing detailed energy-centric BIM models from pre-planning to handover stages and has gained experience working in a range of project sectors including; office, retail and hotel for UK & Ireland.  

 Working primarily with Revit gbXML model creation for IESVE integration, Alison also utilises Dynamo visual programming to advance in-house workflows.


Notable projects include: Grade II Listed 5* Tower Bridge Magistrates Court hotel in London, a 22-storey 1,085-bedroom Liverpool student accommodation, and a c. 200,000 sq. ft. office development in the heart of Edinburgh.


Contact Alison:

E| alisonshearer@bpp.energy


Robert Coffey


Sustainability Engineer

Robert joined BPP in May 2017 as a Sustainability Engineer. Studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Queens University Belfast, Robert graduated in 2009 and moved to England where he gained extensive knowledge as a Senior Modelling Engineer from 2010 onward.

 Robert brought a wealth of experience to the team, specifically London based projects, but is proficient at both UK & Ireland assessments. 

He is a Level 3, 4, and 5 Non-Domestic Energy Assessor in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland and is also qualified as a Level 3 Domestic on Construction Energy Assessor.

 Notable projects include: A 65,000 sq. ft. EPC rated ‘A’ office development Brighton, a 301-bedroom contemporary hotel in Dublin and a 5* luxury country house spa & hotel currently in development in Surrey.


Contact ROBERT:

M| 079 3057 4761

E| ROBERTCOFFEY@bpp.energy


Angela Csaszarova

BSc (Hons), MSc

Sustainability Assessor

Having 5 years previous experience working as a Sustainability Engineer, Angela joined BPP as a Sustainability Assessor in June 2018. She studied both Architecture (BSc) and Sustainable Design (MSc) in Queens University Belfast, before graduating in 2011.

Angela is qualified as a Domestic on Construction Energy Assessor (DOCEA) in April 2016.

She currently works as a qualified BREEAM Assessor in Non-Domestic and New Construction and enjoys liaising with clients and design team members to achieve the best possible performance of assessed commercial buildings.

 Notable projects include: Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh; Holiday Inn and Staybridge hotels in Heathrow; as well as Novotel hotel in Cambridge which has obtained BREEAM ‘Excellent’ for its design stage assessment.


Contact Angela:

E| AngelaC@bpp.energy


Aine Murray

BEng, MSc

JUNIOR sustainability engineer

Aine graduated from Queens University with an MSc in Environmental Engineering in 2018, she joined BPP in June 2018.   

Within BPP, she works primarily in domestic SAP assessments, conversing with clients on how to meet planning requirements and assessing how to reduce energy demand for project sites.  She qualified as a Domestic on Construction Energy Assessor in August 2019.

Having some previous experience in insulation and solar, Aine enjoys the challenge posed by photovoltaic panels within urban developments. She also works with non-domestic assessments, typically those contained within larger domestic developments, when required.


Notable projects include: 188 residential units within an 18-storey development block located in Wembley, and a mixed-use development in Edinburgh as part of a planning application.   


Contact Aine:

E| AineMurray@bpp.energy