Building Performance Prediction Ltd.


We can offer a wide range of BREEAM services, including: Assessor Roles, Site Sustainability Champion and Client Liaison.

  • BREEAM New Construction

Used to assess all stages of new developments - from Design to Future-Proofing - including not only the development, but it’s surrounding natural or man-made environment. The scheme highlights the social responsibility for sustainable buildings and construction approaches, reducing operational costs and improving development lifecycles. With vast experience within New Construction, BPP can help you achieve your BREEAM certification.

  • BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit-Out

The RFO standards help to encourage the reduction of sustainability impacts during all stages of a refurbishment or fit-out. Within the UK, RFO contains two separate standards (Domestic and Non-Domestic) for assessing building performance and impact once external works, structural upgrades, and core services have been implemented to existing developments. BPP can assist in both UK standards as required.

  • BREEAM International

As with the above BREEAM schemes, BPP are also able to offer services under the International standards, implemented by the BRE for both New Construction and RFO.

  • BRE Home Quality Mark

The Home Quality mark is a rigorous and relevant standard for new homes. Developed by BRE – the UK’s leading building science centre – it helps everyone understand the quality, performance and attributes of new build homes. BPP are able to provide assessment for this standard.



BPP can offer both SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) and DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model) models to perform Part L2a compliance calculations. Offering these services from Planning through to Handover, we can ensure that your project is achieving compliance.

Our models are all simulated within the IES Virtual Environment, a recognised global leading standard and CIBSE AM11 compliant simulation software. To ensure the best quality of BIM integration, all models are constructed in-house using Revit - allowing BPP to create and import complex models at a faster pace. The fine balance between model complexity and a geometrically-accurate thermal model is what we strive for.



SAP Assessments

BPP can undertake SAP assessments for new and existing residential developments, to allow respective projects to meet Building Regulation Compliance.

We can provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for a range of residential dwellings, from small rural housing developments to large multi-phased metropolitan apartment complexes. Our SAP professionals are trained with the BRE tested and Government-approved Elmhurst Energy software. We are able perform assessments under England (Part L), Wales (Part L) and Scotland (Section 6).

Tailoring our SAP deliverables to each individual project, we ensure that each assessment meets the clients desired standard.



Daylighting Studies

BPP are able to carry out Daylight Calculations and Studies to provide a realistic prediction of daylight within given spaces, or highlight potential problem areas within a development. This insight can also be used at early stages to advise on glazing percentages required for given areas, ensuring an informed design process.



Thermal Comfort & Over-Heating Studies

We can provide Thermal Comfort Simulations and Assessments to ensure optimal thermal conditions are achieved within a given development. The process can be undertaken at early stages to advise on required system performance, but can also be utilised as and when required. Our Thermal Comfort services are tailored to suit your project.

BPP can also perform Over-Heating Studies on areas of potential issue within a development. Typically performed on corridor areas that contain a high amount of mechanical hot water services and pipe work, these studies can be used to further future-proof design and rectify issues early on in the design process.


Passive Design & Low Zero Carbon

Under the BREEAM credit ENE 04 Low Carbon Design, BPP can provide LZC studies which assess the reduction of regulated CO2 emissions. We can also work to identify any opportunities for passive design solutions, as well as advise on passive design measures.



Façade & Building IMPACT Assessments

We understand that building façades are at the mercy of the ever-changing environmental conditions. At BPP, we are able to carry out Façade Assessments to analyse how the building will perform when constructed and advise on any problematic aspects that may arise.

We are also able to carry out Building IMPACT Assessments, to ensure the longevity of the development in regards to the building and it’s surrounding areas.



Bespoke & Additional Assessments

At BPP, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any given project, and we endeavour to deliver a fully bespoke package.

Contact Us today to enquire about any additional services that may be required and begin tailoring our services to your development.